Ahad, 17 Julai 2011


"peeping tom" he is not
1 Peluru, 1 Musuh!!
storm the front!!!
Hostage rescued!

In the event that happens, just 2-3 days before 9 July rally (Bersih & Patriot saying that their act will save the country) the real hero are the men in blue (well, the UTK prefer the black suit lol).

Sadly, 2-3 day later..the police has been called with "anjing" by the people that is not satisfy with them enforcing the law on 709 rally. The video & photos are now all over the net, and true that some of the officer act beyond of SOP (maybe they are angry because of..tired..stress and being provoked, booing and so..) and i hope, the IGP can take the necessary action to those officer.

but, at one part of the video..i didn't agree. about the negotiation with the leader of the rally. what to negotiate? the rally itself is illegal..and the leader could take time, to talk and announce their vision to the crowd. but they choose to 'berarak' and when FRU block their way, they did not move.

Terima Kasih, tok

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