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Prebet Adam case, newspaper cuttings 24 years ago

About 2 -3 years ago, i wrote about him in this blog. Yes, indeed many of my frens didn't know much about these incident as we were born in the 87 and later. It attract attention and blog traffic thus increase my nuffnang income (not my objective, when writing the article).

But later in 2009 or 2010, people started to google this thing (as its claim to be related with someone high up..that just passed away at that time). I would like to say that my blog writing didn't mention or worse 'fitnah' that person.

my writing is based on the statement of Prebet Adam lawyer, Syafie Abdullah (a very well known lawyer now, often you find his name in political blog). He clearly stated that the VVIP did not related in the incident. He claim that Adam rage is because of bullying inside the camp and Adam had history with some mental illness. it is all in the star, 27 Sept 2009. you read it by yourself.

the public on the other hand, choose to believe the other side of story. the well-known story. and one fella, at one stage accused me same as aduka taruna. i'm not like him, dude..i'm not wearing a t-shirt with big Nik Aziz nor Dr M face. yes i'm not apolitical..but at the same time, i'm not a political zombie. and yes, i respect the King, and the Malay Sultanate. i am a scout dude,what kind of scouts, doesn't respect the king? bad scouts maybe.

why i'm writing that article? it is because of my passion towards our history. especially related to our security agencies.

p/s: mind the grammar, i'm not PPSMI generation or the english medium school. and in my time no native speakers in school maa..but i think Teacher Sapura, Teacher Wee, Teacher Aziah & teacher Jawahir taught me well..

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